Media Ministry

The Media Ministry is responsible for providing the audio and visual of the church. Whether it is recording the service, making sure the church's audio equipment is on for church service, recording service on CD or DVD, or adding visual aids to the church service with lighting and digital images, FABC's Media Ministry is involved in it. Also under the Media Ministry's umbrella is the church website, social media, and public relations and marketing for FABC. Information for ordering CDs or DVDs if available will be coming in the future. If anybody is interested in these areas and wants to be a part of the Media Ministry staff, contact Deacon Frank White, III. Additionally, if there are any problems, additions, or corrections that need to be made to the website or social media (i.e. church events, ministry pages, ideas, etc.) please contact the Webmaster. The Media Ministry and Webmaster contact information can be found below.
Frank White, III, Media Ministry Chair
Roger J. Cook, II, Webmaster