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Lawn Care Service Bids Requested

Specifications for Lawn Service Bids

Deadline for submitting sealed bids for consideration
June 26, 2020, at 5:00 pm
First African Baptist Church
Address to the attention of
Dorothy M. Richardson, Trustee Chair
First African Baptist Church is soliciting bids for lawn services at its properties beginning July 15, 2020.  Individuals and companies interested in submitting a bid for consideration must submit a formal bid that meets the expected terms of service listed in this specification document. ALL bids must be sealed to be considered. The three properties are the church lawn, a paved parking lot across the street at the corner, and a vacant lot property across the street from the church on Bryant Drive used for parking (both are behind the church).
Terms of service -services are to be provided at First African Baptist Church properties year-round in two phases 1.) during the growing season (March – October) and 2.) during the dormant season (November -February). All work is to be performed during the hours of 8:00 am-5:00 pm Monday – Friday.
Contract -One year, with the opportunity to renew annually.
Specifications of basic services during two phases
Growing season -March – October
Mow all lawn areas every two weeks
Bag grass or remove all cuttings from the lawns
Trim all curbs, sidewalks, and immovable objects
Trim/prune all bushes and shrubbery as needed according to acceptable horticultural standards.
Remove the debris from the premises
Blow or rake all leaves from the grounds
Blow all areas after cutting and trimming this is to include the parking lots
Remove all grass or weeds from plant beds, natural areas, parking areas, and pavers under the canopy
Dormant season November – February
During this period, items in the growing season in need of addressing is to be completed.  The property is to be inspected and monitored monthly during this period. Submit an invoice for work if needed during the season.
All planting beds are to be reworked, and mulch material added at least twice each year.  Cost for materials is added to the monthly fee when completed and receipt submitted for reimbursement
Provide an invoice each month for payment


Specs for Lawn Service

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